Margaret Dardess

There is a lot of great news about Margaret's book, "Brutal Silence".  Read some of the articles below:

WCHL Interview

May 22, 2017
In a recent radio broadcast on WCHL interviewer, Jean Bolduc, and I talked about human trafficking... Read more

"Brutal Silence" featured in the N&O

May 02, 2017
The News & Observer of Raleigh did a Book Beat feature on Margaret's book "Brutal Silence"  Read more

Great Books Inspire Great Readers

January 05, 2015
My six-year-old granddaughter recently shared her thoughts about the “Magic Tree House” series in an article about Mary Pope Osborne in the Carolina Alumni Review. Beth McNichol, the article’s author, begins, “If Lea Dardess could get a meeting with Mary Pope Osborne ('72), the two might make literary magic together. Read more

An Understanding Heart

December 29, 2014
My mother often said that we are truly fortunate if we encounter one gifted teacher in a lifetime. I have been especially blessed to know many, and none has meant more to me than Jean Lutz, my fourth grade teacher, who died recently at the respectable age of ninety-nine having taught her students to love learning and do great things.  Read more
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