Margaret Dardess

Brutal Silence

Alex Harrington's gentile Southern world shatters when two strangers drag her from a tourist bus while on vacation in Mexico City. She wakes on a grit-covered cement floor, head throbbing, looking up into the terrified faces of a dozen women and the brutal world of human trafficking.

Alex manages to escape, and returns to run her free clinic in North Carolina, haunted by the faces of the women she was unable to save. When a severely battered woman seeks refuge at her clinic, only to die moments later, Alex learns that human traffickers don't exist only in Mexico. They are operating even in her hometown, targeting her, and she has no idea why. 

Brutal Silence is dedicated to all those who work heroically to combat human trafficking. Proceeds from the book will go to benefit their efforts.

Brutal Silence

Chapter One - Mexico City

Alex felt eyes boring into the back of her head. She was used to men staring at her, but this was different. She shifted in her seat. The hotel concierge had warned her not to travel outside of Mexico City alone, but today was the last day of vacation, and her girlfriend, Kelly was stuck in their hotel room with Montezuma’s Revenge. Alex had learned about the beautiful holy city of Teotihuacan back in college, and it had taken hold of her imagination in the way that some people felt about Macho Picchu. She was determined to see it in person before her trip was over. Surely she couldn’t get into trouble on a public bus?

She looked behind her. A stocky, bull-shouldered man stood at the back of the bus, looking directly at her. Another man was beside him, taller, dark-skinned with a six-inch puckered scar dissecting the left side of his face.

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